Pro Centre can visit you


If you want, Pro Centre can visit your home or the place where you work. This service is only available in the Oslo area. We visit flats, hotel rooms and parlours.

If you would like vaccines, condoms or advice on other contraceptives, one of our members of staff can bring you what you need. Some tests for sexually transmitted diseases and infections can even be done during visits.

We can also advise you on your rights and responsibilities, opportunities and options, or explain about regulations and laws. The help we can offer always depends on your personal situation. Often we will be able to answer your questions during the visit, but sometimes we will need to arrange an appointment at our health section or with someone else at Pro Centre.

We work closely with the other relevant welfare services in Norway. If you have been the victim of violence or other kinds of crime, we can help you to contact an accident and emergency centre or the police.

We have a duty of confidentiality. This means that we won’t tell anyone anything about you or where you work.

If you know about something that other sex workers – or the authorities – should also know about, you can inform them anonymously through us. For example, you might want to report a violent customer, bad behaviour and discrimination or harassment by private individuals or the authorities. We will attempt to pass the information on to other people who contact Pro Centre, and to the people we meet through our work.